IMGP4382Mark Garnish, the Development Director at Tikit, is celebrating two birthdays this year – the first is serving 30 years, man and boy, before the mast on the Goodship Technology for Business now TFB now Tikit now BT Tikit. And the second is a “significant” chronological birthday later this year.

He adds that “to prove that there is some life left in me I am cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats with a couple of friends. We are paying all of the costs of the trip ourselves and we are going to raise as much money as possible for one of our local charities at the same time. Shooting Star Chase is a children’s hospice in South West London and Surrey and really needs our support.

“If you can support us with sponsorship that would be brilliant but please visit our website As this is a once in lifetime trip we are keeping an on-line diary of our preparations and when we actually set off we will be updating the site with pictures, ride reports and hopefully live real time tracking so you can see exactly where we are.

“We are planning on completing the ride in 10 days which will be about 100 miles a day. In fact we haven’t got much choice over this as the overnight stops are all booked and my wife will want me back by then (I hope). All the routes and overnight stops are online so please feel free to visit the site and take a look around. If you did want to make a donation the links to the donation pages are on the website or you can bypass all of that and donate here

THIRTY YEARS AFTER And what about that other celebration: 30 years in legal IT? Mark says it is interesting to think that when he started

1.      There was no such thing as a PC
2.      There were no laser printers – daisy wheel printers for letters and dot matrix printers for accounts style printouts
3.      The fastest modems were 1200/75 baud but no one had one.
4.      Clients would log a call for support an expect you to drive to see them to fix it – this could take 2 weeks.
5.      A machine with 1Mb of RAM was top of the range – 512k was standard and that would support 16 users.
6.      Microsoft Office  and Windows hadn’t been invented
7.      All databases were proprietary
8.      It took two days to compile our accounts software (Senior Partner I)