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Gazett advertising for a new leader

One month after the English Law Society unceremoniously parted company with Jonathan Ames, the long-time editor of the Gazette magazine, it is advertising for a replacement. In an ad in today's Guardian, Chancery Lane says it is looking for “A Great Leader” to take over as editor-in-chief of the Law Society Gazette and its companion pubications. The good news is the incoming editor is promissed “the freedom to determine and develop editorial content of the Gazette”. The bad news is this is qualifed by the caveat “along with the responsibility for repositioning the magazine to achieve a close fit to the Society's new objectives” – which would appear to be a euphemism for goodbye to the old Gazette, which sometimes had the temerity to criticise the council, and hello to a new Gazette that will tow the party line. You have until 15th May to apply for the poison chalice. And yes, we also wonder where the Gazette's coverage of legal IT is going.