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Giant airships to host cloud in the cloud

The Orange Rag deputy editor Batson D Sealing can exclusively report that the Penge Valley-based technology company B.A.R King & Mad will later this month begin testing a new cloud-based hosting service that users giant airships to house the SaaS servers actually in the clouds above our heads. See graphic we don't really understand. The company says it hopes to have a fleet of 25 airships in the air over the UK's largest population areas in time for the start of the 2012 London Olympics. The first ship – the Robert Plant – is already under construction.

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Might be the only way to make cloud solutions really take off !

Understand that FAA approval is pending for the other airships in the “Robert Plant” class. Namely:
the “Jimmy Paige”
the “John Bonham”
the “John Paul Jones”

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