Just for the record, because of the erratic nature of supplies over the past 12 months, the Legal Technology Insider newsletter has ceased distributing copies of the Legal Technology Journal to its subscribers. Sorry about that but it's another publishing group and we have no control over their operations.

We also will not be supporting (either through sponsorship or editorial coverage) next January's Legal Technology Awards on the, admittedly puritanical, grounds that we think expecting vendors and law firms to splurge thousands of pounds on tables at an award ceremony that honours – as one Orange Rag commentator once memorably put it – the 'Deputy Knowledge Officer for January in a firm of between 1 and 5 partners based in the North West excluding Manchester' in the middle of a recession is ludicrous and – given the lay-offs being reported – in bad taste.

To quote another Orange Rag comment posting “I've got my own views on how awards should be run – or not run – and
there is a clear distinction between awards that are meant to reward –
and awards that are run primarily as a money making venture by the
organisers. However unless enough people stand up and say 'Bollocks, we
aren't playing and are not buying a table at the ceremony' – they will
keep trundling along.”

It's time to say bollocks.