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Google and Postini

One of our  readers in South America has emailed in to ask…

“Charles, I am wondering why the acquistion of Postini by Google has not generated any alarms in the legal industry. When we hired Postini's service 6 years ago, we did it on the assumption that if so many large law firms were hiring them, a proper due diligence had been made by all of them. In our recent talks with Postini executives, they are telling us that at some point we will have to move to Google servers (and that our online email archives will be lost and would have to start all over again!).

Have you heard anything about this? Are Google's privacy policies being accepted by the legal industry? Will everyone stay or we will have to abandon Google and find another SaaS provider?”

Any thoughts on this? Feel free to post them in the comments box.

And if you are feeling particularly paranoid, check out this spoof documentary. For the record, since February 2001, Google has acquired a total of 51 companies, including Postini.