US state trial court legal research and analytics startup Trellis today (20 July) announced it has expanded its coverage to trial courts throughout New York, Florida and Texas. The launch in those states will give lawyers a comprehensive searchable database of state trial court records, including detailed analysis of judges’ decisions and ruling history.

Trellis, which was founded in 2018 and initially focussed just on providing strategic legal intelligence to California practitioners, claims that it is quickly establishing itself as the “Google” of state trial court records for the industry’s fiercest litigators to gain insights on judges, opposing counsel, motions, and their most complex legal issues.

“We’re excited to bring our intelligent AI-powered analytics to new jurisdictions for existing clients and new markets alike” said Nicole Clark, CEO and co-founder of Trellis. “State trial courts have historically been a black box – where little to no information was accessible. We’re turning that black box into a crystal ball.”

Before founding Trellis, Clark was an associate at California firm Newmeyer & Dillion.

Trellis was founded in Los Angeles and earlier this year raised $4.4m in a new round of funding, joining Alon Shwartz as a technical co-founder. Shwartz founded Docstoc, which was an document management company that folded in 2015. You can read about that funding round in TechCrunch here.