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We're hearing reports that a major legal publisher (which narrows it down a bit) will buy a UK practice & case management systems supplier (which widens things out again) before the end of this year.

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Hi Charles
Any update on this or has it died a death. Which publisher has saved themselves the embarrassment and which supplier is having a miserable New Year.

Yes ! Redwood have been purchased. Will that mean we will have a choice and not have to buy from Tikit?

Perhapss there is an impasse between said publisher and said supplier, Due to a problem with pensions the dal has been axx-ed….

Looks like with Saturn 27 you now have a lot more choice, rumour is they now have a critical mass of over 25 people in only a few weeks. With the gossip that Tikit could be losing their touch and are to be broken up, the future looks interesting.

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