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Government in disarray over HIPs says Law Soc

“A complete shambles” said the Law Society today as it commented on the Government announcement that HIPs will be delayed to August 1 and initially only affect 4 bedroom houses and larger.

“The Government has turned the whole process of HIPs into a farce.  Its consultation with stakeholders has fallen seriously short of what we would expect in a genuine consultation exercise for something as important as this for consumers” said Paul Marsh, Law Society Deputy Vice President.

The Law Society's concerns about HIPs have been well documented and the Society has continued to question whether HIPs will bring the consumer benefits intended. In a letter to Housing Minster Yvette Cooper just a fortnight ago Paul Marsh, demanded a delay and asked the Minister to re-engage with stakeholders.

Paul Marsh, says: “This is a complete turnaround at the 11th hour for the Government.  Why did they not listen to our concerns and meet with us months ago instead of waiting until eight days before implementation? We have constantly told the Government that HIPs are fundamentally flawed.  It was quite wrong for them to consider imposing this scheme on the public without listening to the repeated demand by stakeholders to delay HIPs until they have a process that will work in the consumer interest.”