Deloitte’s seventh annual survey of eDiscovery practices for federal government agencies finds that while overall confidence in managing eDiscovery amongst federal legal professionals this year remains stable compared to 2012, there are rising concerns about several aspects of their eDiscovery abilities, particularly relating to their agencies. Statistics of particular note (+ see also infographic + attached PDF) include…

·         Only 59% of respondents this year felt their agencies were “Very effective” or “Somewhat effective” in dealing with the challenges of eDiscovery – as opposed to 73% of respondents in 2012
·         Only 38% of attorney respondents felt that, if challenged, their agency could demonstrate that their electronically stored information (ESI) is accurate, accessible, complete and trustworthy – compared to 68% in 2012. The percentage “not at all confident” almost doubled from 23% to 42%
·         Only 53% of respondents said they felt adequately prepared to discuss matters regarding eDiscovery with opposing counsel – down from 90% in 2012
·         The percentage of respondents who felt they have adequate technical support when dealing with opposing counsel also dropped by more than half – from 53% in 2012 to 25% in 2013
·         Predictive coding continues to be underused, with just 17% of respondents using it, unchanged from 2012, and only half of the 35% using this technology in the private sector

Here is the data as an infographic (+ a larger PDF of the infographic IED Government Survey Infographic v14 )


IED Government Survey Infographic v14