Tomorrow's-Ghost-ebook-Cover-final copy 4Yes, my latest book – Tomorrow’s Ghosts – is FREE today Friday 23 May and tomorrow Saturday 24 May on Amazon Kindle. It contains a paranormal novelette/ghost story plus Rip and Burn, a brand new horror short story in one ebook.

Tomorrow’s Ghosts is a tale that blends the supernatural with everyday existence in a quiet corner of eastern England…..

Alexis Byter’s job is never dull. After all, he is an expert on the paranormal but a routine visit from the local lady vicar starts a relationship, and a sequence of events, that takes the modern-day ghost hunter to almost the end of the world. The past is interchangeable with the present and both might predict the future and avert disaster if Alexis can read the clues. Its just that the clues involve a sailor from Biblical times washed up on England’s east coast, Punch and Judy puppets and a lascivious ghost. Oh, and a VW Beetle.

The book also includes a new free short story called Rip and Burn which is a horror story for the digital-savvy generation. If you think you know all about the dangers that lurk on the internet, think again. A hyperlink to hell could be just one click away from you.

You can download them free on these links: (UK readers) (US readers)

Thank you – I hope you enjoy them – Charles Christian