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Guidance announce new legal hold & early case assessment service

Guidance Software Inc today announced a new Legal Hold and Early Case Assessment (ECA) Optimization Service that helps corporations and government agencies solve legacy legal hold issues through the use of EnCase eDiscovery and provides implementation of best practices for preservation and review of electronically stored information (ESI).

Through this new professional service, Guidance Software’s certified experts will help EnCase eDiscovery customers implement, optimize and automate the management of their legal hold process.

The service is designed as a three-day, onsite engagement in which a member of Guidance Software’s associate general counsel (AGC) team helps the in-house legal team to review its current legal hold and ECA process and requirements. This is followed by development and implementation of best practices to suit the organization’s needs and to ensure the duty to preserve is being met.

Next, Guidance Software technical consultants train the organization’s technical team to configure and tune the EnCase eDiscovery software to meet the new legal hold and ECA processes. Guidance Software’s team will also provide general business consulting on processes to optimize the features and to ensure the efficient and effective collaboration between the technical and legal users. Guidance Software can also assist with porting legal holds from legacy systems to EnCase eDiscovery.

“Legal hold and early case assessment are critical to the litigation process, but the overwhelming nature of the task and involvement of various solutions can make the entire process difficult and confusing for organizations,” said Victor Limongelli, President and CEO of Guidance Software. “Through this new service, EnCase eDiscovery customers can eliminate the guess work and stress involved, all while knowing preservation obligations are being met with best practices in mind.”

Benefits of the Legal Hold and Early Case Assessment Optimization Service include:


  • Systematically issue, monitor and enforce litigation holds with full audit trail and reporting.
  • Manage, track and report custodian acknowledgements, collection and preservation.
  • Use EnCase eDiscovery to collect potentially relevant data to execute and enforce litigation holds.
  • Better understand potential costs, keywords and custodians with unique search capabilities that enable testing of search criteria before electronically stored information (ESI) is collected.
  • Perform first-pass review for immediate analysis and review of ESI at any point in the e-discovery process.
  • Utilize unique advanced search term analysis, linear review with hit highlights, email threading and conversation analysis.

The Legal Hold and Early Case Assessment Optimization Service is available now. An introductory 10 percent discount is available through Sept. 30, 2012. For more information, please visit