blackberry-apple-300dpiTime capture specialist Rekoop has announced details of its latest contract win in the UK. Harbottle & Lewis becomes another convert to the class-leading Cloud-based technology, with a roll-out to over 100 staff and full integration with the firm’s LexisNexis Axxia PMS.

The project will see the deployment of Rekoop Desktop, the primary time recording interface; Rekoop Digital Footprint, which monitors activity in the background and helps construct timesheets automatically; and Rekoop for mobile, enabling the seamless recording of time on the move. Mobile will support a mixed platform comprising BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry 10 and iOS.

Martin Lynch, Harbottle’s Head of IT, comments “We were keen to gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of fee earner activity that now basically extends round the clock, seven days a week. By providing them with the ‘right tools for the job’ they no longer have to waste time reconstructing their day from memory or to struggle with cumbersome timers; instead they have a slick, intuitive interface that goes where they go and helps complete their timesheets for them. This is invaluable for the lawyers, as it enables them to capture more time, make immediate improvements to utilisation and WIP, drive smarter ways of working and billing, and ultimately increase profitability.”

Rekoop CEO Phil Wedgwood believes the Harbottle rationale will become increasingly common “Firms are no longer looking at time capture as a blunt recovery tool but as a means to generate data on, and give visibility of, fee earner and/or team performance. Regardless of preferred billing models or fee arrangements, time remains the unit of currency within legal. And if you don’t know the amount, the cost or the value of that time, how are you going to be able to estimate accurately and competitively? Or indeed effectively monitor work in real-time so as to safeguard profitability?”