Scottish commercial law firm Harper Macleod has recently overhauled its billing system by significantly increasing the use of Pilgrim LawSoft Auto Billing. Bills are now generated automatically by LawSoft, which provides a seamless, consistent and transparent process that allows clients to receive their documentation faster. By removing the manual steps in the billing process, the margin for human error is also removed, meaning communications with clients are always accurate.

Gary Sorley, Information Systems Director, comments “Harper Macleod has always been known as a law firm with a business mind and that’s why we’re continually investing in our technology and systems. LawSoft is another integral part of our vision to better serve our clients and improve efficiencies.”

Nicola White, Harper Macleod’s Operations Director, adds “By introducing LawSoft Auto Billing, we’ve made substantial time savings. Less time spent on billing administration is more time spent serving our clients – which is the most important goal for us. It is suitably flexible to be applied to a range of different clients and different departments with confidence. We aim to achieve near 100% auto billing in the coming year.”