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Harris Cartier swap out Axxia in favour of SOS

Thames Valley law firm Harris Cartier LLP is modernising its legal software with a switch to SOS Connect from Solicitors Own Software. SOS Connect will replace the legacy Axxia system in order to achieve standardised procedures, easier to use systems, improved management information and the extension of case management to more departments.

Commenting on the IT modernisation programme, the firm's chief executive David McIntosh said “The initial driver was the need to become more competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our old IT system was not as easy to use as we would like and no longer met our business requirements fully. We were looking for an integrated system that would enable us to instil standard, best practices and be so easy to use that we could ensure adoption and widespread use of the new system’s features by the whole firm.”

From a short list of software suppliers, which included the incumbent supplier LexisNexis Axxia, Harris Cartier selected SOS Connect for a number of reasons including the intuitive nature of the software. “We liked the way that emails are captured and automatically stored into each case, the automation of  time recording and the ability for partners to create management reports without redress to the IT department,” said McIntosh. “Having a more straightforward and user-friendly system means that we also plan to extend case management to new departments in addition to personal injury and conveyancing and use SOS Connect for customer relationship management. This is a fundamental change to the way we operate and one that we expect to greatly improve efficiency and our service to clients.”

SOS Connect is expected to go live for over 60 users in the Slough and London offices of Harris Cartier in the autumn.

Comment: this is the third Axxia win for SOS in pretty quick succession – the others being Lodders and Henmans.

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Another Axxia site moves on to better product I bet LexisNexis wish they never acquired Axxia, Axxia seem’s to be in turmoil.

Axxia is this year's IRIS – so who'll be next year's Axxia? Or will the two companies merge to form the Axxiris of legal?

I hate to get on a bit of a soapbox here but It's not rocket science – Axxia talk LexisNexis into promoting the products and services of the 6th ranked Case Management supplier, Axxia, rather than the award winning, widely acknowledged number 1 supplier of Case Management Software, Visualfiles.
Whilst accepting that SOS Connect is a fine product in its own right, is it really a surprise that when faced with the option of downgrading their software to Axxia products, existing Visualfiles Customers including Lodders and Henmans, turn to Visualfiles long term “partner” company SOS, a company that shares many of the old Visualfiles product design principles and commitment to customer and staff satisfaction.
I predict continued good times ahead for SOS, with the added help of LexisNexis.

Don't forget if you already have Visualfiles case management with SOS accounts the move to SOS case is going to be a no-brainer as you already have the Progress licence that makes up approx 30% of the new system cost and all that easier (never easy) to transfer legacy data available making it very hard for any new supplier coming to the table to compete on price.

LexisNexis should have acquired SOS but then again I’m not sure if SOS were ever interested in being acquired, they rather stay independent. As result SOS are having field day picking up loads of Axxia/Visualfiles sites that want more modern unified system from small, independent and well run company.

Now this is an interesting one. Having just sat and read the pundits views on the older non .NET technologies versus .NET it seems odd to find someone who is probably moving from a MSSQL set up to a Progress platform. Strange but true. The whole thing feels a little odd. To quote a previous comment in this thread “SOS, a company that shares many of the old Visualfiles product design principles ” – “old” in this case being the very accurate word. Progress was great in its day, works hard to keep itself alive technically….but, for all the reasons we discuss continually when talking about IRIS, it just has to be a problem for firms in the medium and longer term.
Or maybe the correspondent in the other IRIS thread is correct and it is a matter of function over feature and platform is not important. About turn everybody !!!

Being on a Progress platform clearly isn't causing SOS or Eclipse/Proclaim any problems – maybe there are other reasons why users are leaving Videss?

I think that the “other reasons” you mention may have something to do with someone as experienced as Chris Rose (25 + Years with Videss) deciding to leave Iris.

It could also have something to do with the heavy hints at the Iris Users Conference last October that the larger firms who were previously lined up to take ILE (Videss V10) were now, much to their consternation, being advised to check out ILB (The Mountain SQL offering).

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