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Headline keynote signed up for LawTech Futures event

Gerd Leonard has been confirmed as the lead keynote speaker at next March's LawTech Futures 2012 event. The Wall Street Journal describes Gerd “one of the leading media futurists in the world”. He is the co-author of The Future of Music (Berklee Press, 2005), as well as the author of The End of Control (2007) and Friction is Fiction (2009,).

Gerd's background is in the music business: in 1985 he won a Quincy Jones Award and subsequently worked 12 years as a professional guitar player, composer and producer. He then spent a decade as digital media entrepreneur and start-up internet CEO, based in San Francisco. In 2001, Gerd returned to Europe and started his career as a futurist and strategic advisor. He now travels around the globe and speaks at major conferences and business events, company retreats and think tanks on the future of business, media, content and entertainment, technology, marketing, branding, telecommunications and culture.

Gerd is considered a leading expert on topics such as online commerce models, the tele-media economy, social media and social commerce, mobile content, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, consumer trends, copyright, licensing and IPR issues, next-generation advertising, marketing and branding, digital content strategies, and the development of next-generation business models for the content, communications and technology industries.

Gerd’s diverse client list includes Google, Nokia, NSN, Amdocs, The Guardian, Sony-BMG, Telkom Indonesia, Siemens, RTL, ITV, the BBC, France Telecom, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, MTN, The Financial Times, DDB / Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, Omnicom, the European Commission and many others.