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Help wanted – Lexis replacement in Africa

Just had this message in from one our readers in East Africa – any suggestions welcome…

“We are a collection of growing law firms in East and Central Africa. In Kenya (two branches) and Tanzania we are running PCLaw an American Time Billing Accounting and PM Software. The product is not suitable to work in our other member firms mainly because of the inability of PCLaw to handle weaker currencies.
“Some time ago PCLaw was featured in the English Law Society Software Solutions Guide. Since then the product/company had been acquired by Lexis Nexis. Our persuasion (sic) to the developers on product improvement and feature enhancement to meet our requirements has been met with little success. There is talk that Lexis is trying to kill off PCLaw but nobody really knows for sure what direction it is taking, although there is word that Lexis is focusing outside North America (in Australia) and that programming is to be outsourced presumably to India.
“As we have been engraved (sic) on this product for 5 years across three locations and want to capacity build, we view these developments with trepidations.
“I wonder if you have any insider information about PCLaw’s future and product development. I will also appreciate if you could give us links to resources on English legal accounting product(s) suite that can match or beat the functionality, support and pricing of PCLaw and also meet the current and growing needs in our African context. I find that the products I have enquired about in the past are a bit pricey (Linetime Liberate and Pilgrim LawSoft) and was wondering if there are other options for us.”

One reply on “Help wanted – Lexis replacement in Africa”
I would be able to assist, just note that Glenn Bates referred you.
We have an ASP/Hosted solution that is used in AMLAW 100 Firms but at a price that would be comparable to what you are most likely looking to spend.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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