Relativity has named Herbert Smith Freehills’ CheckMate application as the best innovation by a law firm in 2020.

Developed by HSF’s Alternative Legal Services (ALT) team, the CheckMate app won the award at Relativity’s flagship annual user conference Relativity Fest last night.  Relativity Fest is one of the largest eDiscovery conferences held each year, and this year – which was inevitably virtual – had a record breaking 6,000+ registrants.

CheckMate gives users the ability to track, search and report on historical field data.

ALT Australia’s head of technical operations, Thomas Maple, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, was interviewed during Relativity Fest about the app and the contribution to this award made by ALT’s application development team, led by Gordon Boath, based in Queensland.

Maple said: “The movement between values of fields is a key part of our workflows. We wanted to develop something that captures those field changes in an automated way and allow the users to interrogate the movement between field values and create graphs and really slice and dice the data however they want to.”

The HSF tool can, for example, report on changes such as where a privilege call was changed from yes to no by another user and report on that. “A core part of the app was to enable field capture at a really granular level,” Maple said.

You can watch that video interview here:

This is the first time that HSF has submitted the Relativity Fest innovation award.

ALT Australia and Asia’s Head of eDiscovery and Legal Technology, Arjuna Guruge, commented: “CheckMate is one of many applications ALT has developed to address unique eDiscovery and review challenges, to automate and streamline the ALT team’s process efficiency and provide innovative solutions for our clients.”