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Here’s the formal press release on the Aderant/Omega deal

Aderant, the world’s largest independent legal software company, today announced that it has acquired practice management system vendor Omega Legal Systems. Omega clients will now have access to the extensive resources, expertise, and broad product portfolio that Aderant offers, giving them a financially strong partner who is on the forefront of technology and focused on client success.

Omega is a privately held Phoenix-based company that provides mid- to large-size law firms an integrated financial and practice management software suite. Since 1975, Omega has been solving critical business issues for law firms, improving their profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

“We are pleased to welcome the Omega clients to Aderant and we are committed to giving them the highest levels of service,” stated Chris Giglio, chief executive officer for Aderant. “Our laser focus on law firm software and our unique client-focused product development methodology give all of our clients a partner who understands their needs. By continually tracking emerging market trends and technology shifts, we are able to deliver the products firms need to better manage, grow, and protect their businesses.”

“Aderant is one of the most well-respected companies in the legal industry making them the ideal long-term partner for Omega clients,” said Donald A. Gall, president and chief executive officer of Omega Legal Systems. “The business of law is changing and Aderant has always been at the forefront of these trends. The Omega clients will certainly benefit from the extensive resources and industry knowledge available to them.”

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Mea culpa – we got spammed by bogus posts – David Gallagher and David Thorpe amongst others did NOT make any adverse comments about the Aderant-Omega deal. We have now implemented a new verification system to check that commenter’s IP addresses match their email addresses. Apologies all around… Charles Christian

From another announcement on this story: “Asked about redundant technologies at Omega and Rainmaker Software, which makes similar products for large firms and which Aderant acquired last fall, Giglio added, “They’re similar in that they’re both back office products and they’ve been competitors in the past. We’re evaluating the products,” and a road map will be decided in two or three months. However, he promised, “There won’t be any [product] retirement. We’ve never done that at Aderant.”

Err, any chance of some comments on the Keystone and StarLaw acquisitions and the above statement of NEVER any product retirements, Mr Gigolo?

There was also CLO in the APAC market. Aderant retired CLO on short notice, brought it back out of retirment because of the enormous backlash from the user community, but only for a year or so when it was retired again as they attempted to force their user base onto CMS (now Expert Office). As a result of this poor performance most of the larger CLO user base migrated to Elite, and the smaller end to Locus.

And Rainmaker.
And at the recent user conference the comment “After these [two updates to Platinum product] releases we will focus our primary development efforts on our Aderant Expert product line”

So, no product retirement at all then. At least with retirement you get a gold watch. This seems more like “watch out”.

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