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HIPs – they're here next week

The Great British HIPs Non-Event starts next week – on Wednesday 1st August – and just in case you still haven't got a clue what's going on (and we appreciate a lot of you don't care but that's a different story) check out the Progress newsletter from the Department of Communities & Local Government (or whatever its called this month). This is a free email newsletter (plain text or HTML) covering everything that's taking place in the HIPs world, including on-going legislative developments, including statutory instruments and House of Lords debates. Well worth taking the trouble to obtain and read if your are in the property and conveyancing market. The URL will take you through to the subscription page:

One reply on “HIPs – they're here next week”

One of our readers has just emailed in the following comment…
I have just discovered that under the Home Information Pack (No 2) Regulations 2007, the Government has changed the contents of the Home Information Pack Forms. Not so much changed as altered the wording in many places so the effect to me seems purely cosmetic.
All I.T. suppliers of forms must be tearing their hair out. This is the third version of the forms this year.
However the Law Society has now come on board and is now using the Government prescribed forms as part of its Transaction Scheme. These can be purchased for manual completion from Laserform, Oyez, Peapod and Shaws.
The only difference to the Government forms that I can see is slight amendment of design, colour and the addition of the Transaction logo! Talk about the last minute. They only came out yesterday.
It really is quite amazing what a cast of Civil Servants who do not get paid by results can achieve for those who do! They have succeeded in making everything more complicated, time consuming and ultimately more expensive for the consumer. They have tried to reinvent the wheel – and it's square!

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