HotDocs Market, the cloud-based document assembly service and online marketplace from HotDocs, has today announced that the State Bar of Wisconsin now offers ‘WisDocs Estate Planning’ automated legal content via the Market platform.

The State Bar of Wisconsin is initially launching WisDocs Estate Planning with a series of wills, revocable trusts, marital property agreements, durable powers of attorney, advance care planning, and a variety of other estate planning forms. The product offering will continue to grow, providing additional forms to its 25,000+ member association. The State Bar of Wisconsin is the first mandatory state bar association to join the publisher list on HotDocs Market

Kristin Ruby, Content Distribution Manager for the State Bar of Wisconsin, commented: “We are thrilled to expand our legal resource offerings to now include WisDocs Estate Planning, our fully automated document assembly system. We are confident this resource will add real value for our members and help them in their practices.”

For more information about WisDocs Estate Planning, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit > WisDocs Estate Planning.

HotDocs Market applies HotDocs’ powerful document assembly technology to publishers’ content, enabling subscribers to quickly and easily complete an interview to generate a document – or set of documents. The interview answers are automatically applied to produce an accurate, customized document that minimizes risk, saving time, effort and cost – thereby providing attorneys with increased bandwidth to focus on clients.

Jonathan Hoy, Vice President of HotDocs Market, commented: “We are excited to welcome the State Bar of Wisconsin as a publisher to our growing marketplace for automated legal content. HotDocs Market continues to expand rapidly, adding new subscribers daily. Thousands of document assemblies have been carried out by subscribers, saving themselves time and money. Wisconsin bar members will experience the same benefits when they subscribe to WisDocs Estate Planning on HotDocs Market.”



About the State Bar of Wisconsin
The State Bar of Wisconsin is a mandatory association comprising over 25,000 professional attorneys with a Wisconsin law license. The State Bar provides legal, continuing education and other benefit services for its members in addition to public services to the citizens of Wisconsin. For further information, visit