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How Withers cut overheads by £570k a year

Here's an interesting case study featuring Michael Priestley is Head of Building Services at the London law firm Withers LLP in which he explains how the firm has saved £570,000 by using the CAFM Explorer system from facilities management specialists CAFM.

He identifies three main savings…

 1. By tracking our costs -v- budget in parallel to our finance team we saved over £200,000 ($350,000).
2. By operating a streamlined cost effective management team, some by 40% below benchmarked levels we saved £250,000 ($400,000). 
3. By closely tracking our building management and contractor’s performance we were able to renegotiate £120,000 ($200,000) of savings from their charges.
And adds “Year on year we achieve similar reductions in our fiscal spend and this year has been no exception with over 1/2 million pounds (just under $1 million dollars) savings for a comparable minor investment.”

You can read the full case study here and we have a video link here…