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Hubbard One enhances its business development suite

Hubbard One (a Thomson Reuters business) has today launched a new release of its Business Development Suite.

Hubbard One’s Business Development Suite is a fully integrated web-based platform to support the full range of law firm business development, marketing and client service needs. The new release introduces significant enhancements designed to improve the user experience and follows ongoing customer feedback. The enhancements provide customers with an improved search capability, strengthened security and an increased level of automation. The latest release also offers deeper integration across the platform’s modules: Experience Manager, Proposal Generator, Contact Manager and Email Marketing.

“The enhancements to our Business Development Suite reflect our steadfast commitment to be at the forefront of data and technology-driven legal marketing, and to help our customers unlock the competitive power of their own data,” said Rob Saccone, vice president of Business Development at Hubbard One. “Our on-going dialogue with customers led to valuable feedback and we have responded to their needs and put the customer’s experience at the heart of this latest release.”

Key features of the new release include:

• Email campaign automation – Develop and schedule marketing communications that can be executed automatically for each stage of an email campaign.

• Strengthened record-level security – Apply user- or group-level security to folders within the platform to strengthen record-level security and to regulate user access.

• Enhanced keyword search – Quickly search for and access specific information across multiple records with a wildcard, the “and/or” function or quotes, to discover new insights on previously hidden information.

• Previous employment history – Search, view and capture a contact’s full employment history to gain greater insight into a contact’s history and to help identify law firm relationships.

“Our Business Development Suite enables law firms to manage their marketing and business development initiatives more efficiently and effectively than ever before,” said Saccone. “As a result, customers have the ability to harness the power of their own data and technology as a strategic advantage, helping them to get ahead and stay ahead of the pack in a highly competitive market.” For more information, visit:

COMMENT: With a question mark once again hanging over LexisNexis – the latest rumour has it that Bloomberg may buy it (and we also hear that Bloomberg already has its own highly-rated CRM software) – the turf war to win the business that was once dominated by Interaction is back on. From a muddled start a few years ago, Hubbard One is strengthening its product set with each new release – the new email campaign automation functionality in this update is particularly worth looking at.

2 replies on “Hubbard One enhances its business development suite”

The one-man campaign by Charles Christian to single handedly bring about the demise of Lexis Nexis goes on. Hardly a month goes by where we are not treated to his “wishful imagination” where he alludes to the impending doom awaiting his mighty foe.
We have used InterAction for almost seven years. We recently upgraded to the current .Net version after looking at what else the marketplace had to offer. InterAction is still miles ahead of the all of it’s competitors from our perspective and is by far the most inovative and feature-rich solution available. It is hard to imagine our firm without it.
We like to think that our large capital investments are made on sound judgment and as the result of thorough and professional due diligence. It irks me to no end to see nothing more than unsubstantiated and malicious gossip levelled at one of our legal communities most reliable and top rated business partners. It threatens our good investments!
We all know that “the little angry little man” takes perverted comfort in casting aspersions – particularly if they are cast against winners who, by contrast, make him feel like such a loser. I just hope no one ever let’s that kind of ignorance
and anger affect their sensible business investments just because they saw it in print.

Ooo Alex, who got out of the bed on the wrong side today? It ain’t me who is writing the comment about LexisNexis in the financial press. And given that parts of LexisNexis (or Butterworths as we still think of it in the UK) has been around for the best part of 200 years, I’m sure the organisation views me as the least of its concerns. As for Interaction, it was a successful business before Lexis bought it and should anything happen to its parent, I’m sure it will quickly find a new home. Now off you go and reprimand all those naughty law firms who have had the temerity to buy CRM systems that are not called Interaction.

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