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Hubbard One signs up two new law firms

Hubbard One has signed up two major regional law firms as new clients – Dickinson Dees and Flint Bishop LLP.

Dickinson Dees chose Hubbard One to revamp their entire web presence and to help devise a clear client interaction strategy. The project includes a new look and feel for the website, new content and a cutting edge Web 2.0 platform. Andrew Marshall, marketing communications manager at Dickinson Dees, said: “This is about more than just a new website for us. Hubbard One has helped us use this as the catalyst for a wider rebranding project, with our website being the blueprint for communications. The team at Hubbard One has been inspirational during the initial creative planning sessions and we feel this project is the driver we needed to propel our brand forward.”

Marshall says the project has allowed the firm to think more holistically about its approach to client marketing and business development.With our new website utilising Web 2.0 technology, we have lots of exciting plans on the digital front too and we are looking forward to being able to interact with our clients with more online content in the form of videos, blogs and other interactive platforms.” Hubbard One will kick off the Dickinson Dees web project in the next few weeks and the firm is aiming for a late summer launch.
Over at Flint Bishop LLP, the firm is implementing Hubbard One’s best of breed Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution: Contact Manager Communicator. Carl Weston, head of marketing at Flint Bishop, said: “The firm is aware of the importance of an efficient firm-wide approach to managing our information assets and relationships. This will enable us to be more proactive and targeted by creating marketing initiatives for existing and prospective clients, with a solid bank of knowledge at our fingertips to back up our strategy.” (According to the Insider 250 Chart, Flint Bishop previously ran the old Elite Apex CRM system.)

4 replies on “Hubbard One signs up two new law firms”

Wow… “Web 2.0 technology” … so that would be Hubbard One having to officially re-brand as Hubbard Two Point Zero (catchy, until the first service pack).
Any organisation that can release a whole 'new' major version of the interweb thingly must be doing something right. Pity I missed the relaease notes. Oh – silly me, it was marked 'Marketing People Only'
I guess it must not only have a replacement set of HTTP tags with an adaptor, but also be routing packets via TCP/SF (for those 'not in the know', it uses TCP with the new 'Smiley Face' protocol, which is more “Social”, don't you know).
Apparently when the Hubbard Three Point Zero marketing department release 'Web 3.0' it will use parallel information streaming, as opposed to the “Cereal Packets” they could not quite fit into this release..
Cool, I'm glad it's official … can't believe I managed to learn it so quickly and still manage to post this
(though as I read this back I'm getting a Stewie from Family Guy voice kind of thing happening – scary)

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