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Hugh James sign up for LexisNexis Streamline

Hugh James has selected LexisNexis Streamline as its next generation legal and business process workflow management platform. Streamline will be the underpinning technology linking together the firm’s business processes, LexisNexis Visualfiles and in-house case management systems, SOS practice management system and Autonomy Worksite DMS to provide an integrated business environment for its staff spread across three offices in Cardiff and London.
Streamline will provide the firm with a single interface to access all the technology systems across its practice areas. The high-volume cases departments within the firm will be able to use Streamline in the same way as the more traditional legal practice providing services to individuals and commercial organisations. “We are always exploring new ways to deliver services to customers efficiently and effectively,” says Jon Howells, IT Director at Hugh James. “The developmental capabilities of Streamline will enable us to enhance the functionality of our current systems and thus maximise investment in our existing technology. In addition, because Streamline will be the foundation technology, we will be able to deploy new business rules and processes easily across all the systems sitting under it to meet changing business requirements.”
Streamline is being implemented in a phased manner over the next two years. Phase one, which includes the integration of Streamline with the SOS practice management system, is complete. Phase two, which involves the development of the ‘launch pad,’ to provide a single interface combining Visualfiles and Streamline, is coming to the end of development. The next two phases involve development of a matter management system, a case management system and integration of the Autonomy Worksite document management system.  
Tim Cheadle, Managing Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, adds “The flexibility offered by the Streamline platform is immense, allowing law firms to innovate cost effectively. They can tweak their existing technology systems to improve functionality or just as easily build new solutions. We are looking forward to a long term partnership with Hugh James. As with all our customers, Hugh James’ input into the future development of Streamline will be valuable.”