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iEnvision introduces Sentinel for WorkSite

iEnvision Technology Inc  today announced the release of Sentinel for WorkSite. Sentinel for WorkSite is designed to monitor and collect data from existing WorkSite Document Management System (DMS) log files, and compare the results to a set of prescribed HP Autonomy guidelines.

Sentinel for WorkSite proactively monitors the pulse of the DMS, identifying any out-of-range results. A summary report is created which can be reviewed by both the client and iEnvision-trained and certified technical support personnel. If necessary, a set of recommendations will be prepared to prevent the system from reaching a potentially critical point of failure. Sentinel for WorkSite is transparent to DMS users, highly configurable, modular, scalable, and adapts through application upgrades.

When deployed over time, Sentinel for WorkSite provides a clear view of trends and changes to critical DMS data points. Instead of a single snapshot, regular reporting gives iEnvision the ability to deliver a graphic representation of small data changes that can help clients avoid expensive downtime and unscheduled interruptions.

“Sentinel for WorkSite is the result of decades of collective experience working with Document Management Systems, Indexers, Network Systems, and Email Management Systems,” said Matt Hobbs, Founder & President of iEnvision Technology. “Sentinel for WorkSite is a low-cost preventative solution that helps busy technology professionals stay in control of their Document Management Systems, while transferring the diagnostic monitoring to experts in the field.”