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ILTA London – scurrilous gossip catch-up

Not only is it Friday – but it's a Friday when half the Orange Rag readership appear spaced out as they stayed up all night watching the election results. Nevertheless here is a run-down on some of the best fabby gossip to come out of last week's London IILTA Insight conference…

• Yes, someone was sufficiently politically incorrect to introduce one of the panellists on his session as “the blonde one in the middle”. Orange Rag editor Charles Christian (for it was he) says in his defence “Well she was – and she was”.

• As it happens this was not the most politically incorrect comment heard at the show. That honour goes to an American delegate (we'll spare his blushes by not naming him) who was overheard to say at lunch “The thing I find strange about London is hearing African-Americans talking with British accents.” Er… that'll probably be because they are British.

• And, which London law firm made the embarrassing discovery – when one of its more senior partners was talking to his opposite number at another firm – that they and the other firm were both employing the same person to manage their IT operations. Hmm, they always wondered why he always carried two phones and two laptops…

4 replies on “ILTA London – scurrilous gossip catch-up”

Re: “Blonde Gate” – at least you didn't introduce the panellist as “The dyed blonde one”! Curious as to why those reporting on the conference were v. keen to mention this “incident”. Not nice of them and totally unnecessary. Still, green eyed monsters do escape from time to time…

We can confirm the second comment as we were sitting across the table from him at lunch as he dropped this one in the conversation. Had to type it into the BlackBerry as soon as we heard it so as not to forget it, and so we could share it with others. Was going to ask him a question about how many times he had been out of the US before (we suspect never) but were still trying to comprehend just how such a comment could so innocently escape anyone's mouth….

Hope he never meets any of the African Americans who live in Australia (or Aborigines as they are called) or he'll be totally confused.

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