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ILTA>ON Product Launch News Day Three

We’re here to help you keep on top of the product launches and announcements from ILTA>ON 2020.

We’re here to help you keep on top of the product launches and announcements from ILTA>ON 2020.

Wilson Allen and Capensys Announce Strategic Training Services Alliance at ILTA>ON

Wilson Allen have collaborated with leading software training services and technology company Capensys, to announce the formation of a strategic training services alliance.

This partnership will align to support firms in faster user adoption of technology, streamline change management whilst enforcing information security practices.

Capensys, who make use of innovate training systems and learning strategies to push firms to optimise their training programs, will work alongside Wilson Allen in developing training programs which complement Wilson’s specific software and service offerings.

“For firms to get the greatest benefit from technology investments, software actually needs to be fully used. Therefore, change management is one of the most important elements in every technology project. Partnering closely with a leading provider of change management expertise enhances our ability to drive ROI, which is a priority for Wilson Allen,” says Norm Mullock, VP, Strategy, Wilson Allen.

Zylpha Partners with

Zylpha has announced a strategic partnership with VirtualSignature, a digital engagement cloud specialist. Under the terms of the deal Zylpha’s proprietary integration will enable a link to the LexisNexis Visualfiles case management system, allowing for Visualfiles users to employ VirtualSignature applications without having to exit Visualfiles.

Commenting on the strategic partnership David Kern CEO of Virtual said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Zylpha and have been working with their team for the past 18 months as our technology dovetails perfectly with their own. They have a great deal of experience with technology in the legal sector, are easy to work with and have the flexibility to look for and develop new dynamic applications for their clients. We look forward to working with them on VirtualSignature and continuing our mutually beneficial collaboration in the legal sector.”

Tim Long CEO of Zylpha welcomed David’s comments adding, “We’re really impressed by the tremendous customer satisfaction across the growing VirtualSignature customer base and we could see an opportunity for their digital onboarding system to be integrated within the Visualfiles ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with them on building the combined brands.”

DocsCorp releases cleanDocs Enterprise with AI capability to prevent data breaches

DocsCorp has announced the release of CleanDocs Enterprise, this comes as the extension of DocsCorp email security solutions which work to prevent data breaches through human error.

CleanDocs Enterprise utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that emails and attachments are sent to the right person. Advanced machine learning algorithms allow the AI system to piece together a detailed picture of a user’s email behaviour and patterns based on their past actions.

On send, it analyses the email, only alerting the user when it recognizes an abnormality or deviation in email behaviour or intent that could potentially lead to a data breach. This approach eliminates interruptions, enabling users to focus their attention on the task at hand. They can be secure in the knowledge that cleanDocs will remove hidden metadata and alert them if they select an unintended recipient.

DocsCorp VP Global Commercial Operations, Ben Mitchell, explained, “cleanDocs Enterprise strikes the right balance between security and productivity, doing most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. It alerts users only when it detects irregularities between the content and the intended recipient or non-compliance with email security rules and policies.”

Repstor to launch Repstor for Teams™ at ILTA>ON 2020

Repstor, the Microsoft 365-based matter management specialist, will launch their new solution, Repstor for Teams™ at ILTA>ON 2020.

With a design specifically tailored for law firms, it will allow legal teams to coordinate all matter management in a secure and traceable way from within Teams.

“Teams is being keenly adopted right across the legal sector, to the point that pretty much everyone has it now,” notes Fergus Wilson, Repstor’s CTO. “It’s the natural way to stay connected with peers and clients – but there is so much more to it than its collaboration capabilities. And it’s that potential that our product is designed to unlock for legal teams.”

As well as allowing organisations or individual departments to tailor their own security settings, teams lifecycle management and information compliance controls, Repstor for Teams provides direct links to firms’ existing systems of record as well as time management and billing systems, providing a single window into all client activity while closing the loop on document and email filing.

“We make it easy to create teams with all the right parameters and controls, the right look and feel for the given purpose, intuitive dashboard navigation, and direct links to core systems – from document management/systems of record, to time and billing systems. This means busy lawyers and administrative assistants can quickly find everything they need via a single viewpoint.”