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iManage adopts Azure as global cloud platform and attains Microsoft co-sell partner status

In a move that demonstrates that iManage is now not only a key customer but also a significant partner of Microsoft, the Chicago-headquartered company has announced the adoption of Microsoft Azure as the global platform for the iManage Cloud and attained ‘co-sell ready’ status in the Microsoft Partner Program. iManage says it will deepen and extend its integration with Microsoft 365, and it now has an app for Teams that will enable iManage users to search for documents from within Teams.

iManage has spent the last two years redesigning its cloud product to become a true multitenant cloud offering. Initially it offered a private hosted solution that meant much of iManage’s revenue has gone towards developing and maintaining its own infrastructure. Aside from the multiple advantages of offering a ‘true cloud’ product, the fact that iManage has now standardised on Azure going forward will mean it can spend more of its R&D on product development, which is a win for customers. It will also give iManage scalability to meet the incoming demands of its sales pipeline, with a number of large law firms lined up for migration over the next two years.

Being part of the partner program will enable Microsoft and iManage client teams to work more closely to deliver more integrated solutions. Given the fact that the vast majority of legal organisations use Microsoft this is highly significant. Access to Microsoft’s global network of data centers will enable organizations using iManage Cloud to better address evolving data sovereignty concerns and privacy requirements, such as Brexit and GDPR. Customers will also benefit from enhanced iManage integration with services such as Azure Key services and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). iManage itself was shown by the recent CLOC 2021 State of the Industry Report to be the most used technology behind DocuSign, Legal Tracker and Apttus/Ironclad.

“Deeper integration of iManage Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 arms customers with greater flexibility and control over how their information is managed, used, and shared across the enterprise – ultimately driving greater impact of that knowledge to their businesses,” said Dan Carmel, chief product officer, iManage. “Together, we help our mutual customers achieve more. We’re empowering knowledge workers in legal, financial and other regulated environments with high-impact solutions that free them to focus on high-value client work and make informed business decisions.”

He added: “Best-of-breed iManage capabilities, including advanced search, AI-based data extraction, and matter workspaces that are tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, extend the value of Microsoft environments for our clients. Customers not only benefit from greater agility and simpler cloud adoption, but this close alignment opens new opportunities for customers and partners to build ‘Better Together’ solutions. These solutions give knowledge workers the ability to work intuitively in a unified environment, with streamlined collaboration, fewer clicks, and added information protection – reducing enterprise risk while maximizing user productivity and truly making knowledge work.” 

Office 365 has been one of Microsoft’s fastest growing products, with adoption led in particular by corporate legal operations teams. During the 2020 pandemic, adoption skyrocketed: there were 44m users active by March 2020, and 75m by April. In October 2020, Microsoft announced that Teams had 115m daily active users.

The iManage app for Teams will enable iManage search from inside Teams, content from iManage to be included in Teams communications, and Teams conversations and content to be filed in iManage workspaces, just as Outlook emails are today. This maintains a single source of truth for all content and communications specific to a given matter, project, or client. Unified search across all content speeds time to value while need-to-know security and policy-based governance ensures that Teams content is governed in accordance with internal, client, or project requirements. 

“We are pleased to be working with iManage and to tap into their expertise gained over more than two decades of delivering work productivity solutions in highly regulated industries,” said Tyler Bryson, corporate vice president, US one commercial partner, Microsoft. “Working together helps us deliver on new opportunities that benefit from the full value of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft solutions with the strength and utility of iManage to help customers work better in the cloud.” 

iManage solutions will be available via the Microsoft App store.