This is the Sharepoint story we mentioned in yesterday's American Legal Technology Insider… UK law firm Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP (BLM) has awarded Phoenix a contract to supply and implement Autonomy’s WorkSite document management system and the full suite of Phoenix Worksite Tools to its user base of over 1300 staff. Phoenix will be looking at a 9-12 month implementation plan as well as a training and e-learning program to all BLM offices.

Head of IT, Fran Evans selected Autonomy WorkSite after a comprehensive product analysis by independent technology and business consultancy 3Kites, and commented: “Email management and the integration with existing BLM applications were core objectives for us when we considered implementing a document management system (DMS). We needed a solution that would allow us to manage our documents and emails in both an efficient and matter centric way. We felt Autonomy’s WorkSite offered an all-inclusive email management solution that integrated well with our existing practice and case management system. Workspace management and integration with our back office systems was further simplified by the addition of Phoenix WorkSite Tools.

Phoenix add that it was imperative for the DMS to have a smooth integration with BLM’s other core applications: Flosuite, MS Exchange, Winscribe and Aderant. Autonomy’s WorkSite will provide a seamless integration with the firm’s other applications. Phoenix understands BLM’s goals and are conscious that the tight integration of Flosuite – BLM’s case management system, with Autonomy WorkSite is key to this project being a success.

BLM have also awarded Phoenix a training and e-learning contract to ensure that users are trained effectively on how to use Autonomy’s DMS.

Comment: the bits the formal press release doesn't mention is that BLM not only looked at iManage and OpenText but also three Sharepoint-based products – although only one made it through to the final shoot out. We also know this was not a case of a 'friendly' consultant loading the dice. In fact in a former life the consultant worked for Hummingbird and was in competition with iManage to win the fiercely fought Simmons & Simmons deal, so no love lost there. We'll leave readers to draw their own conclusions as to whether this shows Sharepoint still can't cut it as a DMS.