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iManage WorkSite now integrated with Autonomy workflow engine

Autonomy today announced that its document management solution – iManage WorkSite – is now integrated with Autonomy’s workflow solution, enabling customers to leverage a single unified approach for document and process management. Built on Autonomy’s meaning-based technology, the new iManage Workflow Manager significantly enhances WorkSite’s document management by providing customers with the ability to automate and streamline their document-centric business processes, such as document review and approval, correspondence tracking, accounting engagement workflow, contract management, new client intake or conflicts check. By allowing customers to exercise tighter control over their key business process, the new Autonomy module delivers improved compliance and governance, while driving greater time and cost savings.
“As a long-standing WorkSite customer, I am excited to see that Autonomy is providing an integrated workflow module,” said Pat Morris, Director of Project Implementations at Torys LLP, a leading Canadian law firm. “Automating key processes, such as new client intake and conflicts check, is critical from a risk and efficiency point of view and requires significant interaction with our core document management system. This integration will enable us to address these and other process automation challenges via a single platform in which we already have a significant investment.”
The Autonomy iManage Workflow Manager is an intelligent process automation module with rich capabilities for modeling and simulating business processes via visual tools, rules-based routing, real-time activity monitoring, secure connectivity into other business systems, electronic forms and digital signatures. In addition, by understanding the meaning of the information in the repository, iManage Workflow Manager can intelligently route documents or raise alerts. The module provides out-of-the-box integration with all WorkSite clients, including FileSite, DeskSite, web, as well as mobile devices.
Autonomy iManage Workflow Manager enables legal, accounting, and government customers to address many of their critical business processes. For example – Processes for Law Firms:

• New Matter Intake: The new matter intake process is one of the most critical processes for a law firm. The firm needs to ensure that new matters are free of ethical and business related conflicts of interest, and the matters must be initiated in multiple enterprise systems and approved by the appropriate individuals. With Autonomy iManage Workflow Manager, this process can be reduced from weeks to hours.

• Approvals of High Risk Documents: Frequently, law firms create documents that represent significant potential liability to the firm, such as opinion letters that are created as part of corporate M&A, tax and other types of transactions. The iManage Workflow Manager automates the processes for the creation, review, and approval of these documents, creating better management visibility and reducing risk to the firm.
The iManage Workflow Manager is available as an optional add-on product now. For details visit