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Index Engines announces free data assessment program for backup tapes

Index Engines today announced a new free Data Assessment Program for Backup Tapes service for qualified enterprise clients. Legacy backup tapes contain unknown hidden user data that can quickly become a liability for any organization. This new program provides a map of hidden data on backup tapes, such as unmanaged pst’s and ex-employee files, to better understand the user environment, help establish appropriate policies and promote defensible deletion of irrelevant content.

Participants in the Data Assessment Program will be offered free processing of 5 tapes, which will be fully indexed; a report of the content will be generated using Index Engines’ comprehensive enterprise reporting. The reports, delivered with an executive summary, profile the data on tape and outline the benefits of managing the content according to corporate policies. The reports will include summaries of files types, locations, and owners create/access dates, ex-employee data, pst’s, and duplicate data, and much more.

Index Engines has developed an automated approach for data mapping by directly indexing and analyzing backup tapes without requiring original software or restoration processes. Tape assessment and data mapping can be used to benchmark the sensitivity of data and create an information governance plan, as well as support defensible deletion of data that no longer has any business purpose that may pose a liability in the future.

Index Engines enables you to:

· Find and purge all data owned by ex-employees that is taking up valuable storage and causing unknown risk.

· Find and manage all hidden pst files, where users are hoarding email and archiving it for long term retention.

· Remediate legacy tapes, saving offsite storage costs and manage risk associated with the content. >

Jim McGann, VP of Information Discovery at Index Engines comments, “Organizations face constant risk and liability because of unknown legacy data that is hidden and unmanaged, such as that stored on old backup tapes. Our new Data Assessment Program for Backup Tapes is designed to help organizations manage and control this hidden data according to current compliance and records policies to avoid future liability. This assessment represents the first and necessary step for an effective defensible deletion strategy.”

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