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India's largest law firm goes live with Elite 3E

Amarchand Mangaldas (Amarchand), India’s largest law firm, has successfully gone live with Elite 3E. Amarchand selected Elite 3E to provide an advanced business platform to help support its rapid growth. Amarchand employs over 500 fee earners, including 36 partners, in its five offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. The firm is the first in India to complete implementation of the 3E system.

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Hmm, it is getting interesting in PMS supplier land – rumour has it Elite will announce a new live site every 3-4 weeks (I'm told they have 50+ firms in the pipeline) from June onwards – how will the SAP & Aderant “own the market” claim (latest news letter) work exactly, do they have these sort of numbers as well…….?

And how are they going to support these 50 firms? If I go live today and the next firm goes live four weeks after then who is helping me through my first month end.Local support right?!? Roll on, roll off, young services team. Anyway your figures sound just wonderful. So 50 firms, one each month…hmmm. That is 50 months (4 years) of “we're going live in Fiji this month” press releases? Great!

SAP is targetting a much larger part of the market relative to the niche PMS suppliers i.e. the ESOA enabled Netweaver Business Process Platform including Portal, Master Data Management, Process Integration, Business Process modelling and management, mobile infrastructure (e.g. Blackberry integration), BI and then on the applications side HCM, CRM, BI and last but not least PMS Financials, Matter Management, Billing etc.
Also the SAP offering addresses the entire legal market globally from SAAS turn-key offerings for the high street firms licensed on a per seat model all the way through to comprehensive ERP platforms for the largest law firms and also solutions for corporate counsels building on SAP's extensive customer base of 60,000 plus customers.

Let's just see if they do every three/four weeks. Nabarros, Lovells, Weils, A&O all meant to be live or nearly live around now… Whats the latest on those ones.

thanks for the rant, but if I'm in the market for a new system whom do I believe…….? that was the point of the post….it is so difficult for Firms to pick a new system, when most of what they say is dubious to say the least – you list some firms which presumably are Elite clients, but give me some recent examples of SAP and Aderant clients who have gone live…..that I can call for a reference….that's what would help me sift through the smoke.

never mind that, I expect they will get there at some point as they have invested too much to change – what is more interesting is the SAP post (presumably by one their sales team) with regard to their new product…..and target market……high street ?….SAAS ?….if they are serious, this could be the end for the rest…..but they have tried this market before of course.

This comment and the previous one are both from the SAP sales team. The SAP PMS solution, built together with TCS, is ready for shipment and delivery now, after 18 months of investment in design, build and validation. The product is built on the SAP for Professional Services template – it is therefore standard product (leveraging SAP's ISV ecosystem model), using SAP's latest technologies and is upgradeable, supportable and with a comprehensive roadmap. The remaining elements of the SAP offering (Financials, HCM, CRM, BI, Portal etc) have been on the market for years with 1000's of customer references and with a very good product fit for the legal sector. We have over 3000 people centric/ professional services organisations globally using these products e.g. Linklaters, Freshfields, Deloitte, PWC, KPMG etc etc etc. Together with TCS, whose bread and butter is the provider of services to organisations of all sizes and shapes, using onshore, nearshore and offshore models we believe that we have a pretty unique and compelling offering for the market. Watch this space for annoucements on the SAAS model, templated solutions with innovative commercial models for mid market firms etc.
The SAP Business Objects acquistion also adds an interesting angle to the equation. Business Objects is rapidly being integrated into the SAP organisation and there is now a concrete roadmap for the Business Objects products and how they will merge with SAP's homegrown SAP BI platform. Shouldn't some of the others vendors be a little worried about their reliance on Business Objects technology particularly where they are in direct competition with SAP in certain markets?

More to the point, SAP are obviously pretty desperate if they're resorting to trying to hijack a thread about a successful 3E implementation, start throwing mud in the hope that some sticks, and then talk about their products. No-one interested in the SAP threads on the site perhaps?

Having previously managed most of the SAP programme at Linklaters and, more recently, worked closely with Aderant and also Elite on behalf of other firms I think that it's interesting to see a subject that was getting very little air-time suddenly attract this attention over the last few weeks. Maybe there is nothing more interesting to discuss at the moment or maybe – just maybe – it is because the next few months may prove to be an interesting watch in “PMS land”.
SAP have perhaps finally joined the party and – with TCS now on board – it looks like a packaged PMS solution based on SAP technology may be just around the corner. The challenge for them is to prove that they are “ready for shipment” and to get that first sale and reference with someone outside of the rarefied atmosphere of the magic circle level. Elite's challenge is to make live 3E at one of its larger firms (I guess I mean A&O initially) and then to demonstrate how the remaining pipeline (is it really 50+?) can be efficiently rolled-out in anything like a sensible timeframe. Aderant are probably in the most stable position right now and their goal must be to upgrade customers to their latest and greatest, deliver v8 and then to see where everyone else is.
Having said that I do agree with Andy Stokes (in the Kaye Sycamore thread) in that I currently struggle to identify a compelling case for an Elite user to switch to Aderant or vice-versa. Perhaps – if the numbers can be made to add up outside of the very largest firms – SAP and the promise of “more than a PMS” really is the elephant in the room? AlexY

Just to add to the interest, anyone heard about Microsoft in PMS land? Word is that they are forming a partnership with a consultancy to help build legal versions of Dynamics. Word of the street is that the development effort is in progress with POC's shortly on HR and Time and Billing??? Or am I dreaming?

I may try to bring back the VRC; folks knew where they were with those. Sure, 100,000 ledger cards take some room but there's always a price to pay for progress. Wonder how many Kienzle, Logitech, Philips, NCR and Oligrotti VRCs I can find on eBay? I feel a new dawn approaching.

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