With the news that yet another long-established UK law firm – this time Blakemores – has had to close and the SRA suggesting many others are in trouble, here is a timely infographic on the concept of Digital Darwinism (defined as when technology and society evolve faster than your ability to adapt) by the American social media guru Brian Solis. Corporates have learned the hard way that there is no such thing as being too big to fail – is this something law firms also need to appreciate?

You can find the full version of this infographic here, as well as information about Brian’s new book (What’s the Future) of Business http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130227142546-2293140-digital-darwinism-what-killed-borders-blockbuster-and-polaroid-and-how-not-to-end-up-like-them