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Information Management Consultant

Terms of Reference for Information Management Consultant,

Office of the Prosecutor, (OTP)
International Criminal Court, (ICC)
The Hague, Netherlands.

Review and evaluate the framework for evidence registration, exploitation and disclosure for the Office of the Prosecutor through consultations with investigators, lawyers, analysts and legal reviewers, as well as by reviewing the ICC legal framework and relevant decisions from ICC Chambers.

Prepare a comprehensive review and prepare a proposal on a re-design, and the implementation of an improved framework with costs and resource estimates, including the proposed transition approach, framework and timeline. Include associated risks related to evidence management.

Review quality control procedures in relation to selection, registration, review and disclosure of evidence by joint/trial team.
The proposal should incorporate recommendations associated with work processes (evidence selection, registration, review, disclosure), human resourcing and skill sets, quality assurance, and organisational structure.

Develop a framework for annual preparation of the information management strategy of the Office, to ensure that a robust ongoing process of strategic review is put in place.

Support senior management in the recruitment and selection of Information management Coordinator, will implement and manage the obligations, strategy and transition of the new processes. This will include technical testing of candidates, technical advisory to senior management throughout the selection process.

Managing the knowledge transfer period of on-boarding of the new Information Management Coordinator, to ensure a smooth transition period before moving to the implementation and transition phase.

Anticipated duration of the assignment and individual contract is 5 months.

Renumeration is anticipated as an Individual contractor at P-5 step 1.

Please email with Information management Counsultant in the subject title.