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Informative Graphics announces Brava Enterprise HTML5 Viewer

Redaction specialist Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) has released its Brava! Enterprise HTML client – a more flexible and IT-friendly way to securely view and collaborate on virtually any document, image or drawing. As with all other technology options Brava offers, the HTML5 client is integrated into major content management systems, but unlike the other clients, it requires no workstation installation or plug-ins, so users can run it on most operating systems – including PC, Mac, and Linux – using popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Brava Enterprise also has ActiveX, Java and Flash clients available.

Users simply need an Internet connection to enjoy Brava’s functionality:
• View, collaborate on and redact virtually any file, including office and PDF documents, CAD drawings and image files
• Access files securely while ensuring original documents remain safe in the repository
• Launch directly from any content management system, including EMC Documentum, OpenText Content Server, IBM FileNet and Microsoft SharePoint

Gary Heath, president and CEO of IGC, said, “We’re always working to deliver solutions that make it easier for our customers to be more efficient in their day-to-day work. Brava HTML provides even more flexibility for users to access and collaborate on their work files while easing the burden on IT staff.”

To try the Brava HTML client visit: