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Insider email problems

No we haven't gone mad but we know a lot of our readers have just been resent copies of the December (no.204) and/or January (no.205) editions of the Insider newsletter. This is because our EX internet service provider (and this is why they are EX) have a problem with their SMTP server and/or are doing something weird when restoring backups, that results in everyone on their user base getting some of their messages resent. With us it is the December and January editions of the Insider – for one of my neighbours (this is a local East Anglian ISP) it is an email Christmas card he sent out in December. We keep trying to get them to do something but so far no joy. You could try sending a rude email to but they'll probably ignore it. Sorry.

PS – 'yes' it has been suggested that running an ISP business is not something Norfolk people should be doing and that perhaps they should stick to more traditional skills, such as growing sugar beet.

PPS – the April edition (no.208) will be landing on desktops from tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd April).