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Insider revising its top 250 chart

Legal Technology Insider is giving its Top 250 chart, of which systems the UK's largest law firms are running, its annual makeover to reflect the changing fortunes of law firms. We'll also be dumping some of the legacy vendor brand names from the listings and adding two new columns: for Records Management (both offline & email) and for a new category of Document Production Tools (DPT) – namely all the utilities, such as metadata strippers and document comparison software, firms are running in conjunction with their WP and DMS platforms.

5 replies on “Insider revising its top 250 chart”

Where is the Top250 chart published? Online or in paper format only?

Out of interest, what is the source of this information as it is in some parts inaccurate to my knowledge?

In response to these 2 questions: the chart + its archive of 7 years' previous charts is published online here
As to the inaccuracies: we draw the data from our own files + vendors + law firms – altho we are aware some vendors are too dopey to keep us up to-date & then take delight in pointing out any mistakes. Muppets

If in doubt though, most of the products will be LexisNexis, in some way or another……

Or Bloomberg if you follow the rumour that Bloomberg may buy the Lexis business.

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