In the wake of the revelations in the Guardian newspaper that Blackberry messaging was insecure, and following on from the NSA Prism scandals, the “unhackable” secure instant messaging app Redact has seen a 400% increase in downloads, with daily download numbers going from hundreds to thousands.

Redact, which uses an encrypted P2P system where nothing travels via servers, and no metadata is collected, is far more secure than any other commercial alternative. Once a Redact message is deleted, there’s nothing for anyone to read – whether it’s the other person or the NSA.

Founder of Redact, Patrick Gruhn said “We noticed a spike in downloads as soon as the first Prism stories broke, but the real uptick came when the Guardian broke the news that BBM was insecure and that GCHQ was habitually reading BBM traffic. If you’re a business person who wants security, you should dump the Blackberry and get Redact”.