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IntApp’s UK risk roundtable roadtrip

IntApp is sponsoring a Risk Roundtable seminar on information security in Bristol (3rd Oct) and Birmingham (4th Oct). A similar seminar was held in London in May and was over-subscribed – over 60 attendees (in a room better designed for 50, unfortunately). The seminar – and the champagne breakfast – received rave reviews. So IntApp are taking it on the road, and this time they are providing lunch (and a bigger room).

Seminar Synopsis:
Industry developments continue to raise the profile of risk and compliance issues – particularly with information security management, where rising client expectations, evolving professional standards and new regulations create new challenges. In this context, it is vitally important that Risk and IT professionals continue to take steps to understand this changing landscape, and minimise the firm’s exposure.

Topics include:
  The pros and cons of “open” vs. “closed” document management system (DMS) models
  Review of news stories, issues, trends and developments affecting law firm information security
  Update on industry ISO 27001 developments and approaches
•  A review of how law firms are leveraging technology to advance their information security initiatives

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