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Intelliteach publish UK & US support desk metrics

Intelliteach, the legal-specific outsourced service desk company, today announced the availability of a complementary report aggregating independent law firm user support and service desk statistics and metrics. The 20 page report User Support Guru Guide: Legal Helpdesk Metrics & Key Performance Indicators provides unique benchmark data relating to the most supported legal applications as well as helpdesk staffing and service quality ratios pre and post software conversions, among others.  Intelliteach CEO Lance Waagner will be presenting the highlights of the Guru Guide findings as part of an ILTA educational roadshow reaching over 30 cities in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland within the next four months.
Intelliteach, as part of an ongoing effort to provide clients with timely reporting and accelerate helpdesk service improvements through better user support information, consistently collects and tracks massive amount of helpdesk-related statistics. The data presented in the Guru Guide is based on 600,000+ helpdesk tickets collected and analyzed from January to September 2010 across a variety of law firm sizes, locations and hardware/software configurations.

Guru Guide highlighted findings include:

• Top ticket categories: Over 50% of 600,000 helpdesk tickets logged are specific to various versions of Microsoft Office and 14% pertain to firm document management systems;
• Conversion & upgrade impact on the service/helpdesk: Conversions cause a significant increase in volume and add additional strain to existing resources, systems, and service quality. Based on Guru data, ticket volumes increased by 42% during firm-wide upgrades. Also, the ‘average time in queue’ metric increased from 10 seconds to 1 minute, 21 seconds during conversions (based on pre-conversion staffing levels). As a result, the overall live rate was reduced by 25% when relying on pre-conversion staffing during upgrades;
• Tickets by weekday: Based on 600,000 analyzed tickets, Tuesday sees the highest call volume (20.29%) and Friday (16.99%) the lowest.
“A popular business axiom states you can only manage what you measure, and nowhere is that more true than in the realm of legal help/service desk support,” says the guide's author Lance Waagner, President & CEO of Intelliteach. “In developing this guide, we challenged our clients and any firm contemplating helpdesk outsourcing or looking for better ways of effectively managing their internal operations – when is the last time you took the legal helpdesk’s pulse and got a sense of user vitals? How quickly are support tickets being resolved? What are the top ticket categories and why? What effect do major software conversions have on staffing and service quality? While gaining access to such data assumes use of helpdesk software and reporting technology (homegrown or third party), there’s no excuse for turning your back on benchmark data now available through this report.”

In addition to presenting as part of the ILTA-sponsored Guru Guide roadshow, Intelliteach has setup a web page dedicated to the guide plus related helpdesk resources and information.

• The attached PDFs contain the UK and US data.