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Interaction launch Strategic Account Mangement

LexisNexis has announced the global launch of InterAction Strategic Account Management, a new customer relationship management (CRM) application for professional services firms. Strategic Account Management equips multi-disciplinary client teams with tools that improve their performance across multiple offices and geographic locations. Businesses can now enhance knowledge sharing and better track, coordinate and align the activities of individual team members with broader account management and client satisfaction goals.

InterAction Strategic Account Management is the first application for professional service markets to integrate a CRM solution built on the Microsoft.NET framework, providing compatibility with Microsoft SharePoint. This platform facilitates information sharing across multiple software programs, making content and insights from the InterAction CRM database and the Strategic Account Management application seamlessly accessible on SharePoint portals and dashboards.
Existing InterAction customers can use Strategic Account Management to strengthen collaboration of client teams across multiple offices, geographic locations and an array of practice areas with immediate data access, visibility and sharing provided by the .NET framework.

“Large, geographically dispersed client teams often struggle to operate efficiently and cohesively,” said Tim Cheadle, general manager for LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. “InterAction Strategic Account Management enables multiple-user collaboration across the enterprise, and provides team leaders with the ability to address challenges and enhance performance while improving client satisfaction with a built-in feedback mechanism.”

Once Strategic Account Management is launched, InterAction data seamlessly integrates into the new application enabling synchronisation of teams’ strategic communication and tracking of client issues. Team leaders can better manage processes, set and drive goals and track performance while improving productivity and cross-selling opportunities. Strategic Account Management introduces a number of new features that go beyond contact management, marketing automation and relationship intelligence, which are already offered by InterAction. These new features include:
•    Ability to set and manage goals by revenue targets, relationships and customer satisfaction. Strategic Account Management users can also create customized goals to suit corporate or team needs.
•    Ability to broadcast from within the Strategic Account Management application, with announcements to the entire team, wherever they may be located
•    Task management and notification
•    Management of client issues and tracking of opportunities

2 replies on “Interaction launch Strategic Account Mangement”

After I read this for the third time I realised they were talking about new software – before that I thought it was an account management strategy.
There are a few buzz words missed out from the press release but not many. Bullshit bingo anyone?
Eyes down for a full house.

oh dear do pay attention in class everybody.
Did you miss this bit? “a new customer relationship management (CRM) application”
It would be nice to see some construtive market and competitor analysis comments too.
Its good to see established solutions still moving foward and innovating to meet new market demand.
Law firms are looking at how to effectively manage Clients holistically, rather than working from the traditional one dimensional, matter centric perspective by worktype. Multi-office UK firms have similar concerns.
Bringing the data into a balanced scorecard type view seems a good approach, assuming of course that end users are commericially aware enough to be able to use the data they now have access to!

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