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Internet Explorer 8 – the legal market attraction

More Microsoft news… a couple of weeks ago Microsoft launched version 8.0 of its Internet Explorer browser. So are there any reasons, in this age of browser choice (Chrome, Firefox etc) for moving to IE8? We asked Microsoft's legal industry team for their views – and this is what they said…

They believe that “in addition to its improved security and privacy protections, which are always key concerns for firms, Internet Explorer 8 is one of the fastest browsers on the market today; critical for the legal industry's time is money work environment.” IE8 beat other top browsers in page load time on almost 50% of the 25 top comScore Inc. websites.
The team also called out these new features that can help legal professionals to save time while using the Web:

• Accelerators: Allow users to highlight any word on the screen and access to a menu of options automatically appears: maps, definitions, research, precedents, related sites and much more. Accelerators make it faster and easier for legal professionals to perform common tasks online.

• Enhanced Navigation: Tabs allow for retaining matter-centric or client-specific views and switching between them with a single click.

• Instant Search Box: Provide enhanced Knowledge Management capability, complete with visuals, for access to search queries and results in an accelerated way.

Here is the full corporate IE8 product announcement…

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 is easier to use, faster and offers leading-edge security features in direct response to people’s increasing concerns about online safety. A new study commissioned by Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Alliance and conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. shows that 78% of people are more likely than they were two years
ago to choose a browser that includes built-in protection against
security threats without them having to go online to download
additional programs or browser add-ons. It also showed that 91% of
adults in the US are concerned about online fraud and identity theft
in today’s economic climate, and 37% are less likely to shop online
because they would have to give their personal information.

In response to extensive customer research and input from tens of millions of customer sessions, Microsoft developed IE8 to focus on what matters most to people. The security enhancements offer protection against existing and emerging security threats online. It blocks two to four times more malware attacks than other browsers; cuts down on the time it takes to complete common tasks on the Web such as searching, mapping and sharing, including navigating 15 of the 20 top worldwide sites; and blurs the lines between the services they use daily and the browser used to access the internet.

In addition to offering improved security and privacy protections, Internet Explorer 8 also helps people save time while using the web with easy-to-use new features, including the following:

• Accelerators. Accelerators make it faster and easier to perform common tasks online by making Web-based services such as, Live Search and Sina available for use directly from the page people are viewing. Users can simply right-click a word or phrase and instantly map, e-mail, or share it.

• Web Slices. Web Slices in Internet Explorer 8 makes favorite information from sites such as Digg, Yahoo! Mail, OneRiot, and eBay instantly available wherever someone goes on the Web.

• Visual search suggestions. The Instant Search Box in Internet Explorer 8 enables rich, real-time search from sites such as The New York Times, and Wikipedia, as well as sites from people’s own Favorites and History, complete with visuals and detailed information that saves time.

Internet Explorer 8 is available for download in 25 languages, more information and a download can be found at

6 replies on “Internet Explorer 8 – the legal market attraction”

Having installed the new version for testing, IE8 has broken right click functionality in the browser – and there went any chance this was going to work for our firm. That's right, can't right click… Seems this has happened to quite a few people looking at posts in tech forums online, so I'd say wait for SP1 before thinking about deploying this solution in your firm. Although I do understand that many lawyers haven't found the right click button yet so perhaps not as big a problem for some firms! 😉

Thanks for that – we'll rattle Microsoft's cage and see if we get a response. CC

I have just downloaded and installed IE8 and have no problem with right mouse click. Is this an intermittent problem, or one that affects some systems and not others?

it's intermittent, but can't see the reason why given the standardised environments. And it only needs to affect one or two partners before the lynch mob will begin patrolling the corridors so haven't investigated any further, and will review in a few months.

Here's a comment we've just had in from our contacts at Microsoft…
I wanted to get back to you that we have not forgotten your request. The MSFT IE8 team are looking into the issue. They have promised to let us know if they find any fix or have further troubleshooting questions.

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