The latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers from Nick Holmes and Delia Venables is now published. Print subscribers will receive their print issues shortly.

In this issue

Marketing – Susan Hallam stresses the importance of setting up and verifying local business listings on Google
Legislation – John Sheridan explains what the Big Data for Law project aims to achieve for legal researchers
Twitter – Claire Cavanagh at ECJ Legal shows how Twitter can be used to best effect for law job seekers
Social media – Mindy Gofton of I-COM describes what social media monitoring is and the best tools to use
Law firm websites – Jon Curtis of Ironmonger Curtis on the benefits of law firms providing SaaS and how to go about it
Languages – Susan Isaacs looks at readily accessible European language resources covering legal topics
Resources – Ruth Bird of the Bodleian Law Library on free European law sources
Blogs – Cathryn Hopkins on UKSC Blog

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