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Introducing the ‘phone rage index’ – the call centres we love to hate – OK, just hate

Consumer website has launched the UK’s first Phone Rage Index. The free to access website, which charts the automated phone menus of some of the UK’s most well-known brands, is growing rapidly – over 600 services now have verified shortcuts available.


After analysis of the initial 1.5 million page views, creator Nigel Clarke has compiled an index of the most frustrating companies. Common gripes include dozens of menu options and tedious (often unavoidable) introductions. With 38,253 page visits in the last month, and over 400 menu options across just six services, HMRC takes the crown, currently ranked most frustrating of the companies now registered on the website. The league table will be issued monthly in the hope of shaming the worst performing companies into improving their systems.

COMMENT: According to the National Audit Office, British callers spent £56m last year on calling costly 084-prefixed numbers for government departments.