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Iridium Technology to Host Encore of BI/ClearView Performance Webinar

Tuesday 13th March : We had great attendance and great feedback on our webinar last week, so we are going to do one more round of sessions the week of March 12th.

Iridium Technology LLC – the consulting firm that is 100% focused on Business Intelligence for law firms – will be hosting a webinar during the week of 12th February on “Getting Maximum Value from your ADERANT Expert ClearView Performance Cubes (Updated for 2012!)”.   In this free webinar, Iridium will show you what is possible when you maximize the customization capabilities that ADERANT has built into ClearView Performance.  They will also cover a wide range of topics including profitability cube implementation, dashboard options, localization, keeping your cubes properly tuned, and much more.  Extensive examples will be cited based on Iridium’s client implementations in all regions.

“The first encore session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 8:00AM – 9:00AM Pacific”,  states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology, “ but we will schedule 4-5 more sessions in different slots to make sure that attendees from all regions are able to attend.  Iridium Technology is consulting on ADERANT Business Intelligence 24/7, and has over 15,000 hours of experience working with the ClearView performance and profitability cubes. If your firm is looking at implementing ClearView Performance, then this is a “must attend” session.  This hour will be absolutely crammed with valuable information to help your firm to have a successful ClearView Performance implementation.”

All attendees should register for the first session using the link below, and then time slots for addition sessions will be published.

To register for the webinar please visit

Please note that this is a “closed session” and will be limited to employees of legal and professional services firms.