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Iris Data launches all-inclusive ediscovery service

Iris* Data Services, a provider of discovery solutions, has launched an all-inclusive, per custodian discovery service called Iris VISION that includes forensic collection and culling, early case assessment data reduction, electronic discovery processing, online hosted review using the industry leading Relativity platform, computer-aided attorney document review, and document production.

“Two of the biggest challenges in complex litigation are how to defensibly collect and reduce the amount of evidence that must be reviewed for responsiveness, while at the same time predicting and managing the costs of each stage of the discovery process,” said Iris president, Major Baisden. “Iris VISION answers both challenges by providing a predictable, per custodian price for all the discovery services needed from collection to processing to review to production.”

“Iris VISION takes the guesswork out of electronic discovery budget considerations,” said Damon Goduto, Iris’ Vice President of Sales. “Iris VISION provides predictable, end-to-end, eDiscovery services while at the same time defensibly culling data at every step of discovery process—at forensic collection, during ECA review, while searching and processing, and finally during document review using analytic tools and proven computer-aided review processes. Iris VISION allows Iris to do what we do best, focus on culling data, and in turn, save our clients valuable time and money.”

• Iris VISION is an all-inclusive, per custodian discovery service that includes Forensic Collection and Culling, Early Case Assessment review, data processing including native and TIFF file productions, hosted review for one year using the industry leading Relativity platform, computer-aided coding using Relativity Assisted Review, Attorney Document Review, and all associated Project Management services. Throughout the Iris VISION process, datasets are defensibly reduced so that legal teams can confidently review only the files necessary as they prepare their case.

* No relation to IRIS Legal in the UK.