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Iris Data Services accelerates ediscovery review with Equivio

Iris Data Services, a provider of discovery solutions and one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America, today announced its integration of Equivio’s technology for grouping of near-duplicates and email threads. By eliminating data redundancy, this best-of-breed analytics solution allows Iris to streamline the processing of electronic data and drive down review costs for its clients.

Iris has incorporated Equivio technology as a standard component of its comprehensive, technology-driven electronic discovery process. Near-duplicate grouping enables Iris to accelerate the processing and review of huge collections of electronically stored information (ESI), thus speeding time to results.

“As the volume of electronic documents continues to grow exponentially, our clients require solutions that enable them to manage their eDiscovery projects in a faster, easier and more predictable manner,” said president of Iris, Major Baisden. “By integrating Equivio’s best-of-breed technology for near-duplicates and email threads within our eDiscovery process, we can substantially increase the efficiency in which documents are reviewed by attorneys, resulting in major cost savings for our clients.”

The grouping of near-duplicates and email threads allows attorneys to skip redundant data, while focusing exclusively on the unique information in each document. By enhancing the ease of data identification, Equivio reduces the risk of missing key information. The Equivio groupings also ensure similar documents are treated consistently, while increasing review productivity and helping litigators meet tight deadlines. Near-Duplicates and Email Threads are key analytics components within Zoom, Equivio’s recently launched eDiscovery platform for predictive coding and analytics.

“We are delighted to partner with technology-focused service providers such as Iris, which recognizes the need for innovative and intelligent solutions that enable clients to simplify the electronic discovery process and reduce overall litigation costs,” said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. “These concrete benefits have been demonstrated by our customers in a series of benchmarks, in which the Equivio near-duplicate groupings have consistently driven savings in review costs of between 30 and 50%.”