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IRIS Legal extends a helping hand to 2e2 legal clients – UPDATED

IRIS Legal this week announced an offer to all 2e2 legal sector clients to move their hosted and break-fix solutions to the award winning IRIS Legal service, irrespective of the practice management software they use, to keep their business up and running and minimise risk and potential impact on the firm. The offer consists of packages to move to the IRIS Legal Hosted and/or Break-Fix service by migrating from their current solution with no installation charges.

IRIS Legal is one of the largest suppliers of hosting and break-fix solutions in the UK legal market, already supporting some 420 customers with over 4200 users on its hosted platform, whilst supporting over 100,000 devices in its Break-Fix service, across the legal sector. IRIS Legal’s hosting partner Star Technology Services is owned by the Claranet Group, a business with revenues of over £120 million, around 700 staff and over 4500 customers, and operations in the UK and mainland Europe.

IRIS Legal already hosts a variety of practice management systems successfully for all sizes of firms, including large law firms and barristers chambers. In addition to hosting the core applications, it also hosts a variety of 3rd party applications for its customers, which include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Telephony, Legal forms, Digital Dictation. As a ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier, IRIS Legal provides a complete ‘break-fix’ service onsite through its partnership with SCC which has some 800 field engineers spread throughout the UK.  This service covers everything from phone handsets, PCs and laptops through to servers and printers.

Jitendra Valera, chief marketing officer of IRIS Legal, said:  “At times such as these the industry has to get together and support the end customer. As the largest supplier to the legal market we feel we are in a very strong position to provide an alternative and safe path to those legal clients of 2e2 who are impacted.  There are many hosting vendors out there but our strength is our focus on the legal sector and a good understanding of legal solutions and how they are used.  We are agnostic as to which practice management system the customer uses and our offer to extend a helping hand by providing free installation services demonstrates our confidence in our offerings and our commitment to the success of legal customers.”

IRIS Legal has created a microsite that provides more information on its hosting and infrastructure services and further details on the offer:

COMMENT: Looks like along with offering a helping hand to 2e2 customers looking for a new home after the company called in the administrators last week, IRIS Legal is also giving Peppermint Technology a sneaky smack in the corporate face.

Despite the fact that as recently as September 2012, Peppermint Technology was celebrating the fact 2e2 had joined its partner academy programme in a move that “will add a degree of scalability to the Peppermint offering that will appeal to bigger firms” last week Peppermint’s CEO Arlene Adams was tweeting that 2e2’s fate provided a big lesson for vendors who take on too much debt and external funding. So was that IRIS Legal she was indirectly referring about?

If so, is IRIS Legal now offering a helping hand to any of Peppermint’s customers who used 2e2 as their hosting platform? Arlene Adams, the Peppermint CEO says “No, 2e2 are a CRM Dynamics services partner to Peppermint. 2e2 do not host any of our software. The Peppermint Cloud offering is provided by our sister company, OLM Systems. OLM Systems own and manage the infrastructure. The service is built to government security standards. The Peppermint Cloud offering is unique in the legal IT market in that it is hosted in a private cloud with infrastructure shared only between Peppermint clients. We have 4 replicated environments, across two data centres, providing a high availability service which we have complete control over. We have no dependency on any third party service companies which is common place in other cloud solutions.”

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“Peppermint’s CEO Arlene Adams was tweeting that 2e2′s fate provided a big lesson for vendors who take on too much debt and external funding.”

Is this the same Arlene Adams, ex Iris?

Does she have any views on companies that borrow huge sums from their own investors?

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