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IRIS Legal make another acquisition – OPSIS

IRIS Software Group has announced the acquisition of OPSIS Limited. Headquartered in Dublin, OPSIS is a major provider of case management systems in Northern Ireland with a strong presence in the regional legal practice markets in the Republic of Ireland and in England and Wales. The official statement says “The acquisition will enable IRIS to significantly extend its customer footprint in Ireland and at the same time, it marks a further step forward towards IRIS’ goal to provide the legal profession with the widest range of  quality software products to suit every size and type of practice.”

In the UK market OPSIS is best know for its Small Practice System for 1-to-5 user smaller high street firms and its Millennium Solo system for sole practitioners however it also has an accounts and PMS offering suitable for firms in the small-to-mid size range. The UK offices are in Stamford (Lincs) which the company took on after acquiring the old Stukeley Computers business.
The official statement also says “As IRIS Legal have done with GB Systems in Scotland, there are no plans to consolidate the product range within IRIS Legal and the business will continue to be run independently by its existing management team, who are remaining with the business.”

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To the Directors of Iris
Dear Sirs
I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the purchase of another legal supplier.
This has come at a particularly difficult time as most suppliers have started to see the effect of the recent recession and whilst we have been able to pick off the most disaffected of your users there are a number of others, who whilst wanting to move, have postponed their decision for a few months whilst the current problems play themselves out.
It is only thanks to your magnanimous gesture that the rest of us will be able to continue to ensure that we will prosper as a number of previously happy users find themselves looking for a new a supplier.
Christmas has come early this year.
Thank you
The Other Suppliers
PS When you say “run independently by its existing management team, who are remaining with the business”, presumably that is true until you have had enough of them (Ian Knox, Steve Kendrick, Jim Chase etc). I trust that their lawyers have ensured they are well protected.

'All CSG Legal companies will operate independently going forward' CSG executives spring 2006.
Spring 2008 the AIM, Mountain and Videss brands no longer exist, senior exec's depart, CSG has been sold, IRIS is now run/owned by American Private Equity who bought at the peak in 2007………clearly buying OPSIS is strategically brilliant and something everyone has been missing for years!!!
Naturally the company will now move from being called OPSIS to OPSICK….

BRILLIANT another user base who will lose all confidence through yet another series of dire management decisions, presentations, corporate arrogance.
Please, please IRIS buy some more companies and wreck them as well.

Many a prophetic comment here!! Opsis Republic of Ireland now reduced to one ps/support person and one sales person from an initial work force of 10.
All redundancies just before financial year end……….hmmm some massaging of the balance sheet?
Thank you Martin for the care and consideration of the Irish Market–one visit if I recall correctly.
To all me ex clients I wish you well in the months ahead and perhaps now you should be looking to change to a truly Irish vendor. Dont forget Case Manager and Millennium are now legacy products and are coming to their natural end to be replaced by a .net product not from the Opsis stable (it aint drawbridge) but ILB one of Iris's many mix and match products.
Good luck in your efforts to get local support

1) How does having to make one-off redundancy payments help make a balance sheet look better just before year end?
2) Has there been some announcement about SCM and Millenium becoming legacy products that I have somehow missed (this is sarcasm by the way, they arn't)
3) How is ILB a 'mix and match' product?

I think you might be being a tad harsh on ILB there with the mix and match comment, Drawbridge was 2 maybe 3 years away from being ready so was never viable as a take forward product.
That said you did seem to miss out the developers who were made redundant from Grantham as part of the balance sheet massaging.

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