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IRIS Legal rebrands

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IRIS Legal unveils new look

– UK’s largest legal software technology company re-brands

– New look reflects ‘growth and success’ of past 12 months and in the future

IRIS Legal, the UK’s largest provider of software and services to partnerships in the UK & Ireland, today reveals a strategic re-brand as it pushes on with growth plans.

From today, the company will be branded as IRIS Legal, a name which it says captures the essence of its business, products and the market in which it operates. The new branding will be rolled out across all print and digital communication materials.

Doug Hargrove, managing director of IRIS Legal, said:

“We are delighted with the new look, which brings with it the opportunity to build on the growth and success which we have seen over the course of the last year. We continue to take a leading role in our marketplace, developing and supplying ‘Best in Class’ products and working in close partnership with our loyal and valued customers.

“This re-brand in no way changes the business plan, management team or personnel that our customers and stakeholders deal with. There are no changes to, or impacts on, our product development plans and we continue to fully support all products across our portfolio.”

See to experience the new brand.

Note: IRIS Legal was previously IRIS Legal Solutions

32 replies on “IRIS Legal rebrands”

Hmmm, according to their website they are still IRIS Legal Solutions. Development appears to be lagging behind the marketing!

So more important to spend money on changing the logo as opposed to using it to keep people in jobs and offices open!!!

Looks like the website is now sorted. I’m still not sure why an organisation would rebrand but not change the culture or product lines, apart from to make some noise about nothing at all.

This seems to shout out that IRIS no longer provide solutions, great marketing.

Sorry to be an idiot but

“New look reflects ‘growth and success’ of past 12 months and in the future” – In what way does it do that?

It shows that they have accumulated enough money to scrap all their existing stationery and advertising materials and to recast their entire website to no particular effect: only successful organisations can afford to be so profligate.

I wonder how many of the above comments were left by ex-IRIS staff?

I wonder if the separation of Opsis and Iris is being done on purpose? None of the other assimilated firms seem to retain their own website or identity??? Up til recently there was a link from the main Iris Legal page to Opsis now there is no mention of Opsis on Iris Legal!! Are divorce proceedings on the cards?

Just thought I’d add a few things into this
1. Have you ever thought why so many ex Iris staff have such a negative opinion? I haven’t seen the same of ex Eclipse or Pilgrim staff for example
2. Iris thinks its far more important to spend money on re-branding than retaining key staff and offices.
3. The only reason Iris make profit is due to cutting services and staff so severe that now there is literlally post sales service or support offered to customers.
4. Not one person below management level believes anything the senior management say. Nor do they think they will ever deliver a ‘Best in Class’ Sollution. By the time it does come fully come out (2015?) it will look old and dated

Closing an office and re-branding are completely different and not related, or am I the only person who thinks this?! If an office costs more to run than it makes why keep it?

I suppose the two are not related, however the office closure and the re-brand are happening at the same time. You cannot expect the staff who are being made redundant (and at the same time see loads of money being spent on a re-brand) not to be bitter about it.

You’ve all missed the point. The rebrand was required by law as the original accounting part of IRIS was split off to go back to making a steady organic profit and the bashed together conglomerate of legal and non-legal businesses that was CS Group was cut loose to make its own way. This is public domain info at companies house.

Astute comments about morale, leadership and office closures though.

I’m always willing to learn. How did the law ‘require’ a rebrand from Iris Legal Solutions to Iris Legal? Did the ‘original accounting part’ have some unique claim to the term ‘Solutions’? According to the Iris Legal website, ‘IRIS is a trademark of IRIS Software Group Limited’. According to Companies House, Iris Software Group Limited has been the name of the company since July 2009. Not all of us are legal experts. Perhaps Anon (as opposed to anon or Anonymous) can elucidate so that we call all see the point we’ve missed.

ISG is a holding company. CSH as a vehicle was created last February by renaming Transoft. Try this link:


Although keeping track of which legal entity owns what with IRIS acronyms is not easy.

See also:


Editor’s Note – the links did not manifest themselves in this comment.

Sorry, but I still don’t get it. I can see that Iris Software and Services (which deals with the accountancy stuff) might not want to be confused with Iris Legal Solutions (now under the umbrella of CSH, ‘formerly part of Iris’). What I don’t see is how this relates to rebranding from ‘Iris Legal Solutions’ to ‘Iris Legal’ (although perhaps I am not paying enough attention to the rounded jigsaw (?) logo, which might well also be new and different from the Iris circle with some lines in it and therefore the key part of the rebrand). It would seem to make more sense to rebrand to Nasturtium Legal [Solutions] or Cornea Legal if the intention was to avoid confusion. More particularly, I still don’t understand the ‘required by law’ wording in Anon’s original post. ‘Required by Iris Software and Services who are relying on the law’ I can just about get (although still not in the context of the change that was actually made); ‘required by law’ not so much.

It looks like the the old MSS Alphalaw office in Farnborough has also closed – just had an ‘addressee gone away’ note from the Post Office.

The Alphalaw office in Farnborough closed in the middle of 2010! A couple of people remained at that point but all have now departed so there are no Alphalaw staff left at Iris anymore!

Sounds similar to the videss / ile office from the sounds. Few staff remained but expected to dramatically reduce in next 1-2 years. And then there were none. It’s the customers you have to feel sorry for in it all however

As of 1st June they are without a field service team, so how is this statement true: “This re-brand in no way changes the business plan, management team or personnel that our customers and stakeholders deal with.”

Strange post that Charles, it almost sounds like you’re on the IRIS payroll

That’s blatantly obvious, Iris have been paying Charles off to prevent negative press. Not working that well…

But I’m not – and neither are a lot of former IRIS staff. I clearly didn’t drench this post in nearly enough irony! (Or maybe I did but…)

“But I’m not – and neither are a lot of former IRIS staff.”

Very good, Charles.

Let’s draw a line under this by just saying that no amount of rebranding will change the cold hard facts:
1. There are very few IRIS Legal staff left with any product knowledge
2. The support team cannot cope and have been unable to cope for a long time
3. The senior management team have absolutely no respect for their client base
4. The senior management team have absolutely no understanding of the legal market
5. Middle managers and groundworkers are leaving in droves
6. Customers are moving to products that do not have roadmaps going forward and only lip service will be paid by way of improvements – but only if the customers shout loud enough and for long enough
7. The so called Best In Class Solicitors product is far from Best In Class and unlikely to even be a contender for that title for many many many months to come

IRIS Legal is a ticking time bomb and for the customers on the Solicitors products you cannot help but hope that they do themselves a favour and start looking for a new supplier – preferably one that respects them, listens to them, works with them and won’t damn well lie to them!

Best start dusting off that CV of yours Mr Hargrove as somehow one suspects your days are numbered – because I can’t see the CEO stepping forward to take the heat and unfortunately as he takes no prisoners you’ll be his nearest fall guy.

You could substitute a number of large legal software suppliers’ names in to that statement and it remain applicable.

Bring back Aim, bring back Videss, bring back Mountain, bring back Alpha…all once profitable companies that i do believe would still be going strong today with a loyal customer base and staff that had the relevant legal backgrounds and knowledge if they were no longer broken down into IRIS.

There are over 10,000 users of IRIS ILO (Videss) software out there in Legal Land with not one – I repeat NOT ONE support consultant that has any knowledge of this product. They have ALL either left, moved internally or been made redundant.

How IRIS says it has it’s customers best interests at heart is beyond me.

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